Sunday, February 20, 2011

A "George Stanley Banks" Moment

Perhaps I just needed a nap. Perhaps it's just the third trimester angst or the "nesting instinct" kicking into overdrive... whatever the reason, I had an interal Hot Dog/Hot Dog Buns George Stanley Banks moment this evening. Fortunately, it was after my dear husband escaped to play Magic cards again with his friends until the wee hours of the morning. I get the distinct feeling I am being purposefully avoided...

Some friends say...let him have fun! I say, if there is stuff that isn't done around the house that needs to be done, things I cannot or should not be doing by myself, then he needs to take care of business BEFORE going out to do fun things: i.e. cat litter boxes and mounds of garbage in my kitchen. Why the freak out, you ask? First, I'm finding that if I want ANYTHING to get done around here on my schedule, I just have to do it myself. And second, I'm tired of asking and getting other people's opinions about things. I have definite ideas of what I want in the nursery, but again, I'm settling because we don't have any money. I'm saving our gift cards for necessities instead of wants and it's killing me. I'm so tired of having to be practical. Unfortunately, that is where we are in life. Everything is not matching in my nursery. I like matching, or at least coordinating. We don't have everything we need yet. I plan on taking care of that myself tomorrow.

I don't know how to wash/use the cloth diapers I was given at my shower.

I haven't had a haircut/highlight in forever and my hair is long and shapeless.

And I have a RASH all over my body.

Normally I can quell this me-centric attitude with a mini-sermon about being thankful and content with what I have, or about patience, or something said to the effect that it's not all about me, but right freaking IS. There I said it. :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Under Pressure....

I thought this link to the Queen/Bowie song Under Pressure is only appropriate to post when I think about the sensation of a bowling ball getting ready to drop from between my legs....seriously. I've got at least 9 lbs. of baby in there. I am thankful for a competent cervix. I shiver to imagine if mine was stupid.

I've made a discovery... the twins like David Bowie. Lot's of activity with Bowie, oh, and Billy Idol...they enjoy White Wedding. Good old YouTube.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cankles of Unusual Size DO Exist...

When I find my camera, which is probably buried in the pile of baby shower paraphenalia in the dining room, I will have to take you a picture...a picture of my cankles of unusual size. Yes...they DO exist, much like those giant rodents in the Fire Swamp from The Princess Bride.

Pricking mine canckles (or thankles depending on the severity of the swelling) with a sword has done nothing for their unsightly appearance. Elevating my feet, watching my salt intake, and drinking plenty of water does help, but I am predicting that soon, not much short of delivery will alleviate the swollen voluptuousness of my lower appendages.

Pregnancy can do funny things to a woman's body.It can stretch mark you, shrink some body parts, make others grow to unusual size, and even turn your day into night. It does this to prepare you for the demands the little package you will labor to bring into this world will make on you. You can look at that baby and say, "Child, you have worn me OUT! But I would do it all again, just to hold you in my arms and call you mine."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's Been Far Too Long...

In my hiatus as a pregnant blogger, I've been away getting ultrasounds and getting fatter, getting baby showered, and getting more and more bloated. That about sums it up.... Oh, and I've been on message boards on a popular baby website run by Johnson and Johnson.My giant baby shower was this past weekend and it was amazing. I'm not just using that word, and I do know what it truly means. I have some awesome friends and family and they know how put on a party, complete with decor, delicious food, fun games, a gorgeous cake and of course, lovely gifts and thoughtful cards. We're gonna be good to go for awhile as the girls arrive.

My most hopeful thoughts (after those of a safe delivery) are that I will be able to rely on these same women for helpful advice and listening ears not to mention aide and relief when I find myself at my wits end as a new mommy...especially if I have a c-section delivery. Girls...give me your shout outs now and I will start signing you up for assistance and the occasional meal.

I do want to stock that freezer, wash all those cute clothes, and finish cleaning, all in time for the wee folk to arrive. I say that tongue and cheek, but they COULD be born on March 17th. There are apparently several different days in March when it would be fortuitous for the girls to make their debut: Dad, MIL, friends and family members have March birthdays. I hope the girls bake as long as they need to in my oven before the timer goes off.

Wednesday, tomorrow in fact, is our next ultrasound. We'll get to see how big they are getting and what position they are in. Thursday will be my next OBGYN appt. I'll get to ask them about support stockings for my legs. Dang. The last two days, I have had RIDICULOUS swelling in my ankles. I had to tell my principal yesterday that I was giving two weeks instead of the 5 weeks notice I had previously offered. It's getting to be time to get off my feet and focus on being healthy and wise.