Thursday, April 14, 2011

In the Twin Trenches, Live from the Kingdom of New Mommidom

I'm back from obscurity, on a mini-hiatus. I've found some time to blog. I'll have to add details at a later date, but I survived my csection and minor, following complications, and the girls are three weeks old today. My husband is back at work this morning, for the first time and I survived my first feeding alone, when both girls were crying for diaper changes and food. Twins are going to make me one tough mother...just think of all the things at a teaching interview as a result of being a twin mommy.

Time management
Classroom management
Lesson planning

You name it! Babies and experiential learning...the best teachers ever! ;)

Do youself a favor...if you ever find yourself pregnant with twins, line up help, early and often! Get your church family hospitality meal coordinator to bring you meals. Tell that person what you would like to eat and if you have any diet restrictions for yourself, your mate, or your colliky baby (ies).  Write it on your calendar when people are bringing you things.

Freeze meals in advance, if you can. It helps to have backup meals on hand, in case you don't have meal coverage for a night. We have been fortunate, and almost EVERY SINGLE NIGHT we have had a meal and leftovers to hold us over for the next day. Yay Kallie B.!

Take people up on it when they:
1. volunteer to shop for you or pick up something from the grocery store. (Katya, Kallie, Greg!)
2. offer to come hold your baby (ies) while you rest, take a shower, do other chores. (Jen K.)
3. want to clean, or do laundry for you. (Cari, Mama)
4. are experienced nannies/awesome friends who will spend the night and take the night shift so you and your hubby can SLEEP for more than 2 or three hours at a time. (Yay Christi A.!)
Rest when the babies are sleeping. It's a temptation to clean when they are resting...and sometimes, you just need to wash those bottles, wolf that meal down, or throw in that load of laundry, but try and rest too. It feels heavenly to get off your swollen feet and prop up your cankles (or your thankles, depending on how bad the swelling is). You need your rest, especially if you are breastfeeding.

Drink plenty of water and make time to pump. I'm still working on this bit of advice myself. "Hydrate or die" my dad still says. He's right! I get lightheaded when I forget to drink enough. The twins are boobie monsters. Little milk vampires, which translates into water hogs :) You must drink, so you can be the mommy milk bar. Even if you're not breastfeeding, you'll need the water to keep up with them.

Being a new momma is rough. I'm not gonna lie and say I've got it all under control, because I don't. We're pretty much like Comcast..On Demand. A schedule will come with time, at least, that's what I'm told.