Thursday, September 16, 2010

God Remembered

This is a picture sent to me by my friend J. She took a picture of a pregnancy journal and on the cover of one was a picture entitled, "God Remembered".

She said it reminded her of me. I had to post it. Made me all teary...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pregnant, with a Cold

Have you ever been sick when you were pregnant or known someone who has? I don't mean the "morning" sickness, I mean a cold or the flu. Having just caught a cold myself and feeling it's first real symptoms, I look longingly at my medicine cabinet to the cache of forbidden cold remedies and pine for relief. Aches, scratchy throat, post-nasal drip...and very little I can do to combat them. I feel at the mercy of my body's inflammatory response to this virus.

I have gargled with warm salt water. I have Luden's cough drops (sugared hard candy) and I'm drinking hot tea with honey and lemon, all bring temporary relief. 5 minutes later, I am ready to gargle again. What do you do when you are pregnant and sick?