Monday, July 14, 2014

Role Playing

A and S have started role playing of late. They take turns being the mommy and the "sweetheart" a.k.a. the child. While they are doing this, I am called "the giant". Driving in the car, "Where is the giant taking us?" At home, "Let's get the giant!" or "Giant! I'm done. Come wipe me!"

I recently overheard A (the sweetheart) and S (the mommy) role playing in their playroom and it was revealing. Sometimes it's a good scenario and everything is rosey and harmonious. My mommy persona comes off looking good. There is sharing, taking turns, kind words and even "please" and "thank you". Other times, it's more stormy, as when "the sweetheart" is intentionally disobeying, and "the mommy" ends up threatening to give away all the sweetheart's toys to the local thrift store.

S told A that she would "take away your toys and give them to Care and Share if you don't obey!" A told her "No!". S made a long, growling noise that varied in pitch and volume (very Godzilla-like) and then, A, motivated by said display,  agreed in so many words that she would comply, and said she was sorry and then things were once again right in the universe. S forgave her and all was well. Problem solved. Ahhhhhh...if only disciplining were THAT easy. :)