Saturday, February 28, 2009

Week 7 of 15 Starts Monday

Week 7 of 15 starts on Monday, March 2, 2009. Good times. I'm teaching Math, Spelling, Writing Workshop, Read Aloud, and Writing Workshop. In about three weeks, I'll add Science/Social Studies.

I'm working on: my Unit lesson plans for my portfolio, my resume and reference list, and my PA Reap application.

Our fieldtrip to Harrisburg and Chocolate World is this Thursday!

I'll be done with student teaching on May 1~ That's my big day!!! Woohoo!

I threw a dinner party tonight and I'm dog sitting this weekend in addition to writing lesson plans.

I'm still trying to lose weight. I want to be down to around 160 lbs. by graduation in May. I think I can do it. We'll see!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Glancing at the Long Road Ahead...and Feeling Tired Already...

I'm beginning Week Four of student teaching. By Friday, I will have completed over 25% of my student teaching experience. Anybody that says teaching is easy hasn't ever taught, not really. Between lesson planning, classroom management and parent correspondence, not to mention grading, meetings, and journaling about your experiences, teaching is a lot of work.

If you successfully complete your student teaching experience and earn a glowing recommendation from your cooperating teacher and supervising professor, then your job hunting experience begins.

Unless you're departing for the city to teach in Philly, your first goal will probably be to prepare for interviewing and to land a substitute teaching position. If you are lucky enough to land a long term sub position in a good district, then you'll hope to be picked for the first available teaching job that comes available.

The universities that accept you into their certificate programs won't tell you this. I will. That's because I'm living it right now!