Friday, March 1, 2013

Susie Homemaker

No internet for the next few days means no blogging, no Facebooking, no picture sharing, and no email, (I don’t have a smart phone). It is a gift from God to me. Our cats won’t know what to do with all the extra attention, and my eyes will be opened to so much more I could be doing around our house and with my kids w/o the internet as my main source of entertainment and distraction. I’ll spend more time cleaning, baking and meal planning. I’ll get creative with my kids, perhaps drive more places. Maybe I’ll even lose an extra pound. Who knows? I may even pick up the phone and CALL SOMEONE.

It’s a Friday night. There isn’t much on TV and due to lack of internet, I decided it was time to try out my homemade cleaner; a concoction of distilled white vinegar and Clementine peels.  To make this citrus-infused cleaning goodness, I poured the vinegar over several Clementine peels I had put in a mason jar, I then screwed on the lid left the jar in my pantry for about 3 weeks. Every once in awhile, as it was stewing, I would turn it upside down to gently mix it a bit. I put it into a spray bottle tonight and went crazy cleaning windows and surfaces in my house. I ran amok when Jeff left the house for a couple of  hours after the kids were in bed so the vinegar smell wouldn’t bother him. I also sprayed my Lysol and my Febreeze while I was at it. The fewer people around the better, for this level of blitzing goodness...

It’s crazy, but after a long time, I feel like I’m finally home. After almost 8 years living in this house, I’m framing family pictures and getting them up on the walls. I’ve found some second hand living room furniture I like and I’ve culled and given away some of the girls’ smaller toys (AKA clutter).  It’s starting to look lower-middle-class-nice around here. Picking up the toy room takes me 10 minutes instead of a half-hour, and I’m not stepping and tripping all over the place anymore. Hallelujah!

It was nine o’clock and the dishes were done, the trash was out, the toy room was picked up, the cat litter boxes were scooped and another load of laundry was in. Who AM I tonight? Susie Homemaker! I’m going to bed and actually get some sleep. Who knows who might wake up in place of the T-Rex?