Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

It's Independence Day, and I'm pressing on towards my weight-loss goals. Here's to trying to take back my independence from a diet consumed by sugar. I now admit that my main struggle lies in my poor diet. I consume too many calories, AND I am addicted to sugar and sugar subs. Even if I'm not downing cookies and bad snacks, I put sugar in my coffee, and it's in the yogurt I eat, and I comsume sugar subs in my Jello pudding snacks. My portions are too big, even though the food I eat is healthy.

I eat when I'm stressed. I eat when I'm bored. I eat when I'm being social. I like to eat.

I've been talking to my BB Coach, CariLee, who is also my sister, and I've decided to try and eliminate sugar and products that contain sugar and sugar subs from my diet. I'm also going to consume fewer empty carbs, and more high-fiber ones. I can't do NO CARBS yet. That's too drastic for me to try immediately, especially if I'm going to focus on eliminating sugar. I haven't made any great changes in my diet yet, and I'm not losing weight fast enough to satisfy myself. I know I could be losing more, but I haven't taken control of my eating habits.

I have to ask my husband to take my 30-day photos. I'm actually past the 30 days, having completed 37 workouts, but I've been away, and I only exercised three times last week, so I have to cut myself some slack. Even though my weight hasn't changed drastically, I have gained more muscle, I feel stronger, and I dropped a size. I'm in a 14 now, and sometimes they feel looser on me, so I'm headed in a good direction :) DOWN a size.

I'll post the pics once I have them taken. I'm still big, but I'm smaller than I was. I'm trying not to dwell on "what I could have accomplished, if..." and focusing on my small successes. I didn't gain this weight in 60 days, and I'm not going to take it off in that amount of time. Pressing on!