Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall Comforts

What are yours? Mine are:

1. Curling up on the couch under my favorite fuzzy blankie, with a steaming mug of calorie laden hot coco or coffee, or coco-coffee and...
a. a good book
b. my laptop computer for blogging/emailing,
c. watching a favorite movie.

2. A hot bath and a good book

3. A nap under my "fat girl" comforter. Note: Fat Girl Comforter: a big, heavy down-filled comforter that feels like the weight of a fat girl laying on top of you while you're under the covers. Term coined by my mother, who asked me if I wanted a "Fat Girl" for Christmas. I too, did a double take.

4. A chunk of homemade bread and some extra-sharp cheddar cheese with a bowl of homemade:
a. corn chowder (chicken optional)
b. chicken noodle soup
. beef stew

5. Standing in the woods, in the middle of a trail on an Indian summer day, closing my eyes and listening to the wind in the trees as golden and rouge leaves whisper in the air.

6. Hershey's chocolate bar

"Damn" that Slippery Slope

Oh that slippery slope...
Here we go...

"Supreme Court wrestles with dirty words on TV Words that cannot be said on television are not often uttered at the Supreme Court. That may change Tuesday when the court takes up a dispute over celebrities' uses of profanity on live television. "

Congratulations, Consolations, Contemplation

Congratulations to our 44th President to be...Barack Obama and VP Elect Joe Biden. Consolations to Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin.

I'm sitting here trying to come up with something poignant to say about this historic moment. It's tremendous that the color barrier has been overcome in this nation and it is something to be celebrated. However, I do NOT feel that the only reason that someone should choose a candidate should be because of color.

There was some disturbing chit chat around the water cooler this morning as we were discussing the election results. A co-worker's teenager was on the bus yesterday. She voted for Barack Obama because she shares his views on several key issues. On her bus ride, she discovered that some of her classmates were only voting for Obama because of the color of his skin. They didn't care about the issues.

Granted, these were teenagers, not consumed by adult responsibilities, but I couldn't help feeling a little nostalgic, and then somewhat annoyed to think that they only cared about voting for a black candidate.

I think people sell themselves short in the political process if they are only interested in voting for someone because of his or her race and I know that there are adults that did that during this election. We need to take stock of what a candidate stands for and then measure his or her values against our own and only then decide how to cast our vote. Use your brain children! Argh! It's not ONLY a popularity contest (thank you for electoral votes Founding Fathers).

It will be interesting to see in what direction President Elect Obama will take our country: economically, morally and politically. I want to see what he can do, and hear about how he hopes to accomplish it without adding to our national debt.

So I say, "Welcome Mr. Obama!" I look forward to the "Change" you will bring to our country. I pray it is for our good as I trust that is your intention.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Couldn't Pass Up Posting This

Forward from a friend...

"Today on my way to lunch I passed a homeless guy with a sign that read 'Vote Obama, I need the money.' I laughed.

"Once in the restaurant my server had on a 'Obama 08' tie, again I laughed as he had given away his political preference--just imagine the coincidence.

"When the bill came I decided not to tip the server and explained to him that I was exploring the Obama redistribution of wealth concept. He stood there in disbelief while I told him that I was going to redistribute his tip to someone who I deemed more in need--the homeless guy outside.

"The server angrily stormed from my sight. I went outside, gave the homeless guy $10 and told him to thank the server inside as I've decided he could use the money more. The homeless guy was grateful.

"At the end of my rather unscientific redistribution experiment I realized the homeless guy was grateful for the money he did not earn, but the waiter was pretty angry that I gave away the money he did earn even though the actual recipient deserved money more. I guess redistribution of wealth is an easier thing to swallow in concept than in practical application...OR IS IT.........REDISTRIBUTION OF SOMEONE ELSE'S WEALTH IS A GREAT IDEA..............or is it just a fools game !!"

I'm not so sure he deserved it more. He may have needed it more.

The Election, Drawing Near the End of the Semester, and Other Thoughts

Election Day, November 4, 2008. Rise and shine campers, it's Voting Day. Have you done your civic duty and voted in this election?

Let's talk about your voting experience. What was it like? I'm planning on voting, but I'm not sure whether or not I will try and brave the crowds before or after work. Probably before.... though that means getting up REALLY early.

After all the voting hullabaloo, all I really want to do is bury myself in a cloud of crisp, autumn leaves and look up at the sky and then close my eyes and listen to the sounds around me while I relax in a quiet moment of silent meditation. Sigh. Instead, me and all the rest of working Americans will trudge to our jobs. I'm glad I have a job to go to, it just makes for an extra long day.

There are four more classes left in the fall semester and everyone in my Research Design class will breath a collective sigh of relief when we are done presenting our research projects on Wednesday, December 3rd. What a day of rejoicing that will be! I still don't have my student teaching placement so I'm getting a bit worried. I have this feeling I'm going to get dumped on some poor teacher that doesn't want a student teacher in his/her classroom. I dread not getting a good placement. I really would like a mentor teacher that has a lot to share with me and knowledge to pass on. As a teacher would you gladly take a student teacher into your classroom?

Today is my parents 35th wedding anniversary. Yup. Married to the same person for 35 years! Congrats Mom and Dad! It's quite an accomplishment in this day and age. In the Marriage Enrichment Sunday school class I have been attending with my husband, we've been talking about what we can do to keep the spark/spice in our marriage alive and well. It's pretty sad, but not too many people were interested in sharing any stories about what works for them. Perhaps they didn't have anything to share. It was 9:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning, and everyone looked tired. What do you do in your marriage to keep that spark alive?