Friday, May 27, 2011

Nap When Ye May

One of the greatest bits of advice I've been given post-partum is to nap when the babies nap. It's very difficult to retrain your sleep habits around the ever changing sleep habits of your twin, infant girls, and they seldom nap at the same time. If I can get one asleep in her crib and the other in her swing, I'm doing well. But when I do get both to nap at the same time, all I can think about is what I want to get done that day or I want to check Facebook, or my blog.

There are always bottles to wash and sterilize, or another load of laundry to be thrown into the washer, but there isn't always another time to nap. Carpe napum if you will. Seize the nap. Don't mind if I do.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Postpartum Funk

I don't have anything to be sad about really. Compared to other people, I have it good. My babies are good. Then why do I feel so bad? Everything is relative.

I'm tempted to lose perspective when my whole world is babies, diapers, bottles, laundry and dishes, crying babies, RINSE, REPEAT. If I didn't have friends on the outside and a husband that loves me, I'd be off my rocker.

Why do we get the "baby blues"? I'll tell you why...

Because your body misses sleeping
Because you miss having time to yourself
Because you don't leave the house or see the light of day except through a window
Because you just spent a half hour trying to get your baby to sleep and with one little noise, she woke up again and you have to do a "reset" on her and start from square one and she's too young to sleep train, and you need to hold her even though you really want to sleep...remember sleep?
Because you just changed your baby and got her buttoned back up in her sleeper (matching the right buttons in the dark) and she fills her diaper AGAIN.
Because you get pooped/peed on before you got the third diaper on. Yup, it's a three dipe change, and a clothes change for you.
Because you miss being clean.
Because you're tired of wearing spit up for fragrance and using Desitin as a hand cream.
Did I mention, because you miss sleep?
Because your breast milk is drying up because you are too tired to adequately produce or eat properly, and all your baby wants is breast fact, she scoffs at the bottle with disdain...
Because you miss caffeine and eating things that make the baby gassy if they get into your breastmilk.
Because you miss wearing your old clothes and feeling thin and peppy because you were 40 lbs thinner and had more energy.
Because of hemroids.
Because you look in the mirror at your new post partum body and dislike your swollen saggy boobs, stretch marks, and sagging belly. You still have cellulite, you just have more of it, oh, and you can't forget the back rolls. They're yummy.
Because the last thing on your mind is sex and your poor spouse is starved for it.
Because you miss the old you and are having trouble embracing the new you and don't know what to do.
Because trial and error as a new mommy is at times, heartbreaking and rough. (I didn't mean to gag you with that nipple, or bounce your head off the door window because you have a giant bobble head.)

It's a huge life change. If you have a friend that just had a baby and you remember how rough it was...give them a break.

Offer to babysitt
Call them
Send them flowers or a card
Bring them chocolate or something from Dairy Queen
Offer to come over and sit with them and then do it
Pray with them
Let them comiserate with you